Race Venue


Very easy access: located 60 km south of Paris on the A6 Motorway, Exit No 14

Many hotels situated around Fontainebleau

230 permanent structure horse boxes

Many horse shower areas

Concrete grooming area

Large stabilized parking area

Exhibitors and caterer on the premises


Certainly one of the finest equestrian sites in France

the Grand Parquet has just been completely refurbished for the comfort of horses, riders and spectators.

 The icing on the cake is that you'll be the first to enjoy the new facilities !!

What awaits you are

solid structure horse-boxes for everyone

concrete-floored showers for the horses

a stabilized parking area

top quality catering

a beautiful site

bridle-paths as wide as "boulevards"

It’s ideal...! But beware, although Fontainebleau is a smooth course it is also technical

 so do not be deceived – make sure that your horse is fit ....... and may the best team win !!!


The city of Fontainebleau is deeply attached to its equestrian heritage. From François 1er to Napoleon III,

 the kings of France favoured Fontainebleau and its unique environment for hunting.

Built around 1920 on a former "hunting shoot", the Royal “Grand Parquet” racecourse quickly became home to many prestigious races. It was then known as the "Emperor Parquet" and the High Society of the time gathered there. Around 1950 the site was redeveloped to become a place for equestrian competitions, suitable for all disciplines.

Since then, every year the Grand Parquet has hosted high-level equestrian competitions, as well as many sporting events..


The Grand Parquet equestrian stadium in figures:

- 26 hectares
- 2 prestigious racecourses
- 5 top quality outdoor schools

- 1 international eventing course
- 100 days of equestrian events
- More than 300 000 visitors per year


Whether they are organisers of equestrian sports events, riders, horse breeders or the general public, all have unforgettable memories of this amazing venue, making it an essential "rendez vous" for all horse lovers.


General Regulations


• On site:

- Paddocks are banned.
- Access to the boxes is controlled (show your wristband)
- Access to the grooming area will also be controlled (show your wristband)
- Returning to the stables is not permitted during the veterinary checks
- A rest area (base camp) of 4m x 4m max with a sideless tent may be set up in the authorised area (behind the outdoor school set aside for veterinary checks). Each base camp must be dismantled immediately after the finish of your horse.

- It is forbidden to leave a horse unattended during breaks.
- Dogs must be leashed
- Smoking is forbidden in the stable areas.


• Loop reconnaissance:

- Reconnaissance is allowed provided that you remain strictly on the marked routes
-The closed-off military area on the site is strictly off-limits

- It is strictly prohibited to use any motorised vehicle (4x4, motorcycle, quad) in the forest


• Initial Start of each event:

- Initial start will take place on the Salamander racecourse

- It is possible to go and check the place out the day before

- Crew cars will leave the site 15 minutes after the official start time. The first check point being at 14,3km for the horses, you will have plenty of time to arrive (10 minutes drive).


• During the race :

- Be careful, polite and slow down when you come across other forest users. The tracks that you will be taking will not be closed to pedestrians.

- Horses do not have priority over traffic. For your safety, follow the instructions given by the marshals at the crossroads.

- Follow the instructions on the trail: coming up to the 2nd assistance point on the red loop, galloping on the road that passes under the highway is banned. Similarly on the green loop, there is 500m paved forest road on which it is forbidden to gallop.

- In the public interest, pick up all bottles and garbage. Two forest roads have exceptionally been made open to us (on the red loop between check points 1 and 2 and on the purple loop to access the check point (1 car per horse). We ask you to drive very slowly maximum 30km / h.


Any characterized infringement of these regulations by either the rider or his/her crew will result in sanctions for the rider.